UPDATE: Family wants 'eye for an eye' in killer clown case


The state is seeking the death penalty for a woman accused of gunning down a Wellington mother at her front door while dressed as a clown 27 years ago.

Warren's mother and stepfather open up about the state's decision against Sheila Keen Warren, 54.

"If she killed somebody, and did it on purpose. She deserves to go the way the victim went," said 87-year-old Shirley Twing, Marlene's mother.

"The death penalty is good, if anybody deserves it, my God, she does," said Billy Twing, Marlene's stepfather.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg said the decision was discussed at length with the death penalty committee.

"The 8 members include every Assistant State Attorney in the Homicide Division, so we have our most experienced prosecutors on this committee," said Aronberg.

Aronberg said the team reviewed the statutory aggravating and mitigating factors under Florida law.

"In our notice of intent to seek the death penalty, we cited two aggravators. One is called CCP, which is cold calculated and premeditated, and the second, pecuniary gain," said Aronberg.

Investigators said new DNA testing gave them what they needed to make an arrest.

"There have been great advancements in the last 27 years," said Aronberg.

However, both the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office and Aronberg will not disclose specifics.

"When you have a murder case, and one shot at it, you better make sure that the evidence is there, are in place because the fifth amendment to the constitution prevents what's called double jeopardy, you don't get two shots at it," added Aronberg.

Detectives said Keen Warren dressed up as a clown, brought flowers and balloons to Marlene Warren's Wellington home.

When Marlene opened the door, she was shot in the face.

Marlene's family want an eye for an eye.

"It's a shame, she [Marlene] still had at least 40 to 50 years of life left, and somebody took that away from her," said Billy. "Even without a death penalty, I don't think she [Sheila] would not last too long."

Criminal defense attorney Richard Lubin is representing Keen Warren, and said she will plead not guilty."

Keen Warren is being held in the Palm Beach County jail without bond.

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