VDOT changes plans when it rains before it snows; Russell County Sheriff's Office doesn't

VDOT gets ready for a winter weather event.

Whenever there is winter weather, road conditions can be a problem. However, it's a problem the Russell County Sheriff's Office says it's not too concerned about.

"We have SUVs scattered throughout the county," Russell County Sheriff Steve Dye says. "We have several Ford Explorers, some Chevy Tahoes and recently we have been buying all-wheel drive cruisers."

The department has about 40 vehicles in all, and more than half are four-wheel drive. But that's not all Sheriff Dye has at his disposal.

"We have a couple Humvees and a heavy duty pickup truck we got from the military that can always use if it gets really bad," Sheriff Dye says.

Not everyone has a humvee they can turn to though. Instead, they rely on crews to clear the roads before and during the winter weather event.

"This is the worst case scenario for road crews with temperatures above freezing and the precipitation starts as rain," Storm Track 5 Meteorologist David Boyd says.

When that's the case, the Virginia Department of Transportation changes plan.

"We don't do as much pretreating when the storm comes in as rain," Michelle Earl, a VDOT spokesperson, says. "We just feel like it washes away the product and it's not very helpful."

However, that doesn't mean crews are taking the night off.

"Our crews will be out there putting down some salt once the snow starts," Earl says. "When there's enough snow out there to plow, they'll start plowing."

For more information on this winter weather event, click here.

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