VDOT preparing for snow, travelers still commuting in wintry conditions

The Virginia Department of Transportation is prepared for snow this weekend. Travelers are still commuting for the holidays even in the conditions.

As a record setting number of passengers take the road even in the wintry conditions, VDOT is doing what they can to make sure the roads are in good condition.

"We're waiting for snow to come before applying any chemicals" says VDOT District Engineer Randy Hamilton.

But Hamilton says crews will be ready. It just depends what mother nature brings in order to determine how to treat the roads.

"With the rains, we don't pre-treat because it just washes the brine from the road surface."

Even with these conditions, it hasn't stopped drivers from taking the roads.

Many cars were at the Bristol, Tenn. Welcome Center off Interstate 81.

"It's been pretty crowded" said Doug Wilcox. "I'm surprised. I didn't expect to see this much with the weather."

It's been a wet drive. But travelers are still determined to get to their destinations.

"We're heading to Knoxville and coming from the Hampton roads area" said Anthony Pickens.

"Lot's of cars" said Jesse Melton. "One crash. Traffic is okay."

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