Virginia lawmaker proposes SOL testing changes

Virginia lawmaker proposes SOL testing changes

A southwest Virginia lawmaker is presenting a bill that could impact all students taking state-mandated tests in the Commonwealth.

Delegate Israel O'Quinn of Glade Spring is filing legislation that could change Virginia Standards of Learning testing for students in 4th through 12th grades.

Students are required to take the state-mandated tests in a number of subjects. If students do not pass, but score within a certain range, they are allowed to retake some of the tests.

O'Quinn's bill would allow for students re-taking individual tests to count their best testing score.

"What we want to do is to allow you to count your highest score in each of those sections for your overall aggregate score.This isn't a foreign concept because we already do this for college entrance exams," O'Quinn said.

O'Quinn said the way the system is set up right now hurts students who struggle with test-taking skills or may have just had a bad day.

The Virginia General Assembly will convene for session next Wednesday at noon.

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