Washington Co., Tenn. passes resolution against TVA proposal to remove boat houses


WASHINGTON CO., Tenn. - The Washington County, Tenn. commission is joining state leaders to push back against a proposal to remove floating boat houses from TVA lakes.

Earlier this month, The Tennessee General Assembly passed a resolution urging the TVA to reconsider its plan to remove all boat homes within the next 20 years.

On Monday night, the county commission passed its own resolution, supporting the state.

Boat home owner Karen Jenkins said TVA's plan would hurt not only owners like herself, but also, the county.

"There's just people that say we're out on public land, but we're not," Jenkins said. "We're docked in private marinas and we pay a fee to be there so there's several marina owners that will be losing thousands of dollars every year when we stop paying our docking fee."

Jenkins said her boat home is docked at a marina on Boone Lake in Washington County. She said she's frustrated because she has invested thousands of dollars into her boat home.

Both the state and county resolutions are essentially just opinions. The county will now send their resolution to the state general assembly and the TVA board.

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