Medical helicopters flown in to teach students EMS training


For the first time ever, Mountain Empire Community College is offering a summer program for students interested in EMS.

For the next two weeks, students enrolled in the class will get in-depth, hands-on lessons.

On Wednesday, Wings and Ballad Health's medical helicopter were flown into campus so students could learn how patients are transported via air.

In the coming days, ambulances will be brought in, as well as other emergency response vehicles.

Students say they're learning a tremendous amount of information in a short amount of time, and say they feel like they could save a life.

"I didn't know anything when the camp started. But now, I feel like if I was in an emergency situation, I would know what to do," said 9th grader Lexie Fritz.

Several of the students say more teens need to be prepared for emergencies.

"Teens are always out and about. They go to school everyday-- and there may be one day that they're needed for an emergency, and if they don't know what to do, then they'll just stand and watch," said 12th grader Matthew Holding.

Lexie says having this training under her belt is important, especially in today's climate when school shootings are becoming commonplace.

"If there was an emergency-- and not that many ambulances could reach the scene-- we would know how to help," said Lexie.

"It makes me feel great knowing that I could potentially save someone and not feel useless standing around and seeing someone suffer," echoed Matthew.

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