Erin Hamlin's hometown beaming with pride over flag bearer honor

Erin Hamlin's hometown beaming with pride over flag bearer honor

The small Oneida County town of Remsen is beaming with pride ahead of the opening ceremonies for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The town of less than 2,000 people is filled with signs wishing well to Erin Hamlin, the small town girl who has become an Olympic star.

Hamlin is making her fourth appearance in the Olympics as part of Team USA. This year she has the distinct honor of flag bearer for the team during opening ceremonies.

"It’s amazing to know that she accomplished that," her aunt Carol Hamlin said. She says this was always a dream of Erin's. "I don’t think it was ever said, I mean we all knew that was the ultimate goal," Carol said.

Carol is the administrative assistant at Erin’s old stomping grounds: Remsen Central High School. She says Erin constantly had to miss school to go train at Lake Placid, but another teacher says, even then, she was top in his social studies class — which he says was an early sign that she could accomplish anything.

"You could just see that her personality, her work ethic really propelled her to be this world class athlete that she is," Greg Roos said. "Here in this small town, she has really done so much to bring Remsen together."

Friday night they’ll all be watching as their favorite Olympian carries the American flag in PyeongChang.

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