Lake Placid's Olympic Museum: Preserving past dreams and creating new ones

Lake Placid still uses the same venues used in the 1980 Olympics, like the bobsled track.

In a village that has preserved the 1980 Olympic Games, athletes can also chase their own Olympic dreams on the same courses.

Allison Haas is the director of the Lake Placid Olympic Museum, where Olympic memorabilia hangs from decades of Olympic games. Haas said its not just the whats hanging on the walls, but what the area does for Olympic dreamers.

Lake Placid sent their first Olympian to the games in 1924. Sonja Henie became and Olympic icon, and she got there on a rink that is still standing today. Facilities like this are still standing and still in use, as a new generations of athletes carve their path to Olympic dreams.

"That makes Lake Placid very special that we can nurture any dreams or goals, passions that exist whether you're a child or an adult or 80-years-old." said Haas.

For a look at some of the memorabilia preserved in the museum, check out the video in the player above.

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