Healthy Living - Tasty grilling tips

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1. Grilling out? Think outside the box! There are lots of options for grilling besides just hamburgers and hot dogs. - Try grilled flatbread pizzas made with whole wheat crust. Pizzas are a great way to get all the food groups into your meal. Top with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and a sprinkling of cheese. - Grilled Pork and Pineapple flatbread: - We often think about grilling vegetables, but fruits can be grilled as well. Watermelon, pineapples, even peaches become deliciously sweet on the grill. Serve with a side of frozen yogurt or homemade whipped cream with mint. - Grilled Pineapple - Grilled Peaches:

2. Marinate leaner meats for less fat with a tender texture and bursting flavor. - A simple marinade breaks down the proteins of lean meat providing a similar texture to fattier pieces of meat. Choose lean sirloin or tenderloin and marinade for at least 1 hour before grilling. - Marinade ingredients typically include some kind of acid, oil, and seasonings. It's easy to make up your own, or check out our recipes on Making your own also gives you more control over the amount of salt you use. - Try to use fruit or fruit juices to add natural sweetness without added sugar. - Sweet Citrus Marinade:

3. Not ready to give up your hamburger or hot dog? There are many healthier options for the traditional cookout meal and you won't taste the difference! - Choose lean ground beef or mix half and half with ground turkey or chicken. For a vegetarian option, grilled black bean burgers. - Use a whole wheat bun for extra fiber to keep you fuller longer. Choose lower fat condiments like mustard, light mayo, and no sugar added ketchup; or add mashed avocado for healthier fats. - Munch on lighter sides like fruits and vegetables to add additional nutrients without extra calories.