Keith WeissNews Director

Connect With Keith Weiss

Keith Weiss is the News Director at News 5 WCYB, Fox Tri-Cities, and the Tri-Cities CW.

Prior to working here in the Tri-Cities, Keith spent six years as the News Director at KALB News Channel 5 and CBS 2 News in Alexandria, Louisiana.

In addition to working in Alexandria and Shreveport, Louisiana, Keith has also worked at television newsrooms in Charlotte, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Augusta, Georgia.

Keith's career in broadcast journalism spans more than 25 years. It all started with an unpaid internship at a television station in West Palm Beach, Florida, which provided an excellent learning experience.

Keith says he has been fortunate to gain valuable insight and experience developing news content, by working in a wide variety of communities and is excited to make his home in the Tri-Cities.