News 5 unveils brand new StormTracker vehicle

News 5 unveils brand new StormTracker vehicle

If you were watching News 5 Today, chances are you saw a new 'toy' of sorts for the StormTrack 5 weather team. On Thursday, January 4th, 2018, meteorologist Chris Michaels helped debut the StormTracker vehicle. You can click on the video above for a full tour of the StormTracker!

This vehicle is equipped with live capabilities, utilizing both a dashcam and mounted camera on top of the car. This will help you to ride along with our meteorologists, as they track the latest weather conditions around the area.

In addition to these cameras, we have four antennas in the back of the car that allow us to broadcast live from the mobile unit. We also have installed a plasma screen TV in the back. This will eventually help us to put your viewer pictures, along with weather graphics, to help tell the weather story. We like to think of it as a weather lab!

We have to say a huge thank you to our management team and our engineering team, who have worked tirelessly to get this on the road (literally).


"Here at News 5 WCYB, we are thrilled to add the mobile Storm Tracker vehicle to our vast array of technology and resources, allowing us to bring our viewers live weather reports from wherever severe weather is affecting our region. It allows us to showcase the strength of our dedicated weather team directly to our viewers. The Storm Tracker will also serve as a mobile weather lab to educate viewers of all ages about the science and technology involving weather forecasting. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment here at News 5 WCYB to alert our viewers and their families to severe weather danger." WCYB Management Team

"The StormTracker will allow us to do what we do best, alert our viewers to the dangers of severe weather. We will be able to track storms better, and bring our viewers valuable weather information that will keep them and their families safe." Chief Meteorologist Dave Dierks

"We are proud to have the only functional storm track vehicle in the Tri-Cities. We look forward to using this in all kinds of weather events throughout the year. The camera mounted on the roof and inside provides us with a safe way to track storms in the field. We can alert our viewers to severe weather danger in real-time, because our equipment is always at the ready." Meteorologist David Boyd

"This is an incredibly useful tool that gets us out in the elements. We get to experience what we forecast, and help protect the community that we love at the same time with timely and accurate information on-the-go." Meteorologist Chris Michaels

"Weather in our area can change dramatically town to town. With our new StormTracker vehicle, we can show you those changes, street by street all across the region." Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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