2018 Tornado Season Slow Across Tornado Alley

Photo: Brian Miner / Twitter

2018 has been an odd year for tornadoes so far. The typical spots you expect tornadoes, Oklahoma, Kansas- the traditional Tornado Alley have been quiet.

Check out the national map. There have been more tornadoes in California and Virginia than Oklahoma this year!

The south has been pretty active overall. You may remember the March 19th tornado in Jacksonville, AL or the Fort Walton Beach, FL tornado. Both occurred this year before any tornado touched down in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, OK.

So why has it been so quiet? One of the reasons is the lack of good forcing and moisture return. To get severe weather, you need moisture, lift and instability. On some days, the instability has been there but the moisture hasn't and the lift hasn't. There just haven't been many strong cold fronts across the Plains and when there were cold fronts, the wind profile wasn't supportive of tornadoes.

The luck may run out as we head into May though. Climatologically, May is the peak of tornado season in Oklahoma. As a strong cold front moves through the area in early May, it'll spark showers and storms which could produce tornadoes.

Do you know what to do if a tornado threatens you? Learn what a watch and a warning is and where the safest spot is in your home in our safety guide.

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