A LOOK BACK: March Superstorm of '93

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    On March 12th and 13th of 1993, the weather nearly paralyzed our area. Cars on Euclid Avenue covered in snow, according to Dean Thomas of Bristol, VA.

    Records show that 10-20" of snow fell in the valleys, and 20-30" of snow fell in the mountains. Snow drifts were even higher!

    Reaching a central pressure similar to a category 3 hurricane, the blizzard of '93 added howling winds on top of record snowfall.

    In an exclusive interview with News 5, Dean Thomas exclaimed, "I'll never forget the way those transformers was going. The sky was lit up green!" Power outages lasted for days at a time.

    "I think we was without power...I think for about five days, and some places were without it for more than that."

    When the worst hit, Mike Fleenor of Blountville was one of the volunteer firefighters working to help. He tells us that the fire department, "stayed busy at the fire hall four days...day and night." It got so bad that nurses couldn't get to the hospital to treat patients during and after the storm.

    "All of us worked together to haul nurses to the hospital and stuff, because people couldn't get there."

    He never thought that he would have to take his own daughter, Jamie Caldwell, to the hospital. Jamie was (and is) infatuated with horses at the age of nine, when the storm hit. That led to an injury that she can now laugh about.

    "We were coming back and climbed over the gate, and I fell on the frozen horse poop and broke my arm. Talk about an angry dad!"

    Although Fleenor describes this time as chaotic, there was something positive that came out of this.

    "Helping the people that you don't know and see how they appreciate you...and then years after that they'll see you and say hey I remember you."

    The "Storm of the Century" dumped snow on twenty four states from Louisiana to Maine. While memorable, it is something that many hope to never see again.

    If you have any pictures from the Blizzard of '93, send them to us! You can see a full gallery of these pictures below

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