Another solar eclipse six years from today

This past August, the nation stopped and stared into the sun (hopefully with protective glasses) as the moon moved directly in between the sun and Earth. This put on a dazzling display for folks in Athens, TN. Meanwhile here, a faint milky glow in the sky had birds chirping and automatic headlights turning on in the middle of the day.

Six years from today (April 8, 2018), another solar eclipse will put on a show from south Texas to northern Maine.

For us, the sun will be 88% covered compared to this past summer's 96% coverage in the Tri-Cities. (Click here for your individual town.) Between now and the year 2097, we will never be in the path of totality. I know...sad story! However, if you kept your solar eclipse glasses - you can look up between 12:53 p.m. and 4:26 p.m. to watch the partial eclipse happen on April 8, 2024.

The path of totality, or 100% coverage, crosses over these cities:

TX: Austin, Waco, Dallas, Fort Worth

AR: Little Rock and Jonesboro

KY: Paducah

MO: Cape Girardeau

IN: Evansville and Indianapolis

OH: Dayton, Akron, Cleveland

PA: Erie

NY: Niagara, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Plattsburgh

VT: Burlington

So yes, we would have to travel quite a ways to see this spectacle. Just ask Ricky Matthews and Ellie Romano...seeing totality is pretty incredible!

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