Bomb Cyclone Explained

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    In recent days, there has been no escaping the term Bomb Cyclone... It's been in the news, viral across social media and spreading like wild fire by word of mouth.

    What makes the low pressure system moving across the country a bomb cyclone? What differentiates a bomb cyclone from a "normal" low pressure system?

    The term refers to a low pressure that undergoes the process of bombogenesis... Oh no, another big word...

    Let's break this down,

    A cyclone is a system which rotates counter clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. That describes the characteristics of a low pressure over the US.

    Cyclogenesis is the formation of a cyclone or in our case low pressure system.

    The term bomb in meteorology refers to a cyclone's pressure decreasing by 1 mb per hour for 24 hours... When a cyclone's pressure decreases, the cyclone as a whole is strengthening.

    PUT IT ALL TOGETHER and a Bomb Cyclone also known as Bombogenesis is a rapidly intensifying low pressure system which is typically larger in distance than your average low pressure and cause very strong storms (Whether it be rain/thunderstorms or snow/blizzards).

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