Frost and freezing temps likely Thursday morning

The epic battle between spring and winter continues in our region. After Tuesday's 79° warmth and Tuesday night's severe thunderstorms, a clear sky Wednesday night means cold temperatures by Thursday morning. Most of us will drop into the mid to upper 20s. With a calm wind, that's easily enough for frost to develop.

With temperatures like this, some sensitive plants could be harmed/killed off. It's important that, if you have any sensitive plants, that you cover them up.

The general rule of thumb is to wait until about Mother's Day to do any real planting, though. That's according to many of you! You can see why, as our average last freeze comes in mid-to-late April.

It's also important to remember your pets. Most dog breeds can't handle this kind of prolonged chill in the air.

By Sunday morning, we could be looking at temperatures in the 20s once again. The ups and downs continue through at least the first half of the month. For our full forecast, be sure to check out the homepage.

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