Snow Potential This Week (12-3 to 12-9-18)


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As we move into the first week of December, Mother Nature looks ready to bring winter straight to our region- with several chances for snow and cold temperatures.

Here's the quick version of what we're tracking right now:

  • Scattered snow showers look likely in the mountains Monday Night and Tuesday Night. A light accumulation is possible.
  • Cold temperatures- with highs only in the 30s and 40s will be around much of this week.
  • A bigger, more significant snowstorm is *possible* this weekend.

Here's the breakdown for each system.

To set the stage, temperature will be cold compared to normal this week. We only expect highs to reach into the 30s and 40s. This is thanks to several quick moving cold fronts which look to bring re-enforcing shots of cold air and some limited moisture.

This limited moisture could help produce some snow showers starting late Monday night into Tuesday morning. Some schedule changes are possible for Tuesday morning. A light accumulation is possible in the higher elevations.

Another chance of light snow showers will come Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Once again, a light accumulation is possible in the higher elevations.

After that- our attention turns to the weekend- when a more significant storm could occur. At this time, it's far too early to talk about specifics in terms of snow amounts, or anything like that. However, we can say that there is the potential. As we get closer, confidence will build. 2-3 days out, we'll have a good handle on timing, and 1-3 days out, we'll have a good confidence on the amount.

What looks to occur as of now, is an area of low pressure will form across the southern and central US as we head into Friday. This area of low pressure will provide the moisture. The cold air we have in place, thanks to several fronts through the week, may combine with that moisture to produce some snow. However, there are still questions as to if mixing will occur. Any mixing, or rain instead of snow will lower amounts. Less mixing would result in higher amounts. That is determined by the track of the low, which several models don't agree on, yet.

At this time, the potential storm system looks to begin late Saturday and last into Sunday.

Here's the probability of at least 1" of snow next weekend.

As always, remember the golden snow rules!

Stay tuned for updates on air and online as we go throughout the week. You can also follow the StormTrack 5 team on social media.

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