Goodbye, rain deficit. Hello, too much rain.


Through January 31st, we were in the middle of our third driest winter on record. It looked as though we were heading straight into another drought, ahead of fire season. We got some much needed rain. What a relief, right?!

But then...that much needed rain turned into too much rain this past weekend.

Now, we're in the middle of our second wettest February on record in the Tri-Cities. For folks on the Kentucky/Virginia line, this is more than likely the single wettest February (to-date) on record. (Resources are limited for many spots on the KYVA line. Going off of past river data, however, this February seems to be a record-setter for the time being.)

We aren't done with the rain this week, though. Water levels are receding. That's good. Rain returning to our moist soils may bring more flood problems.

Scattered showers pass through late Wednesday and early Thursday. The more widespread dose of rain comes in late Friday into early Saturday, before maybe changing over to a few wet snowflakes in the higher elevations.

Rain totals won't be the 4-5" that some of us saw west of I-81 this past weekend, but it won't take 4-5" for flooding issues this time. Early indications show more than an inch of rain this week for areas along and west of I-81.

If this were to be the case, we're more than likely see streams and creeks rising along with minor flooding in low-lying/poor drainage areas. An inch or so of rain, spread out over 2-3 days, might not be enough for larger bodies of water like rivers/lakes to flood.

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