International Space Station flies over Tuesday morning

The past few times that the International Space Station has flown over, we've had clouds in the area or some form of precipitation. Tuesday morning looks to be promising, though, for anyone that's up really early!

For those that have never seen it fly over before, the I.S.S. looks like a non-blinking star that just glides across the sky. On Tuesday morning at 5:41, it starts off in the south-southwest sky and flies across for about five minutes.

Clouds won't be an issue, the moon will have set prior to 5:41, and the sun doesn't rise until 7:02 that morning. The only issue is that it will be pretty cold early on.

Forecast low temperatures are in the 30s for Tuesday morning, which may not seem bad. By this time of year's standards, it isn't. However, we haven't gotten to the freezing point in more than two weeks. Bundle up, if you plan on waking up early to check it out!

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