International Space Station flies over Wednesday evening


We receive weekly emails from NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador, Tony Rice, regarding different events in space. In this week's email, Tony notified us that the International Space Station would be flying over the region on Wednesday evening at 7:08.

If you've never seen the International Space Station fly over before, it's pretty simple. You step outside, find a dark spot, and look up. In this week's case, you look up and towards the southwest. The ISS looks like a non-blinking star that moves across the night sky for a few minutes.

So will we get to see it? That's the bummer of it, at the moment.

Current forecast data shows some clouds over the area, as a weak weather disturbances passes through the region.

Keep checking back for updates on the forecast for Wednesday evening, though. If this disturbances passes through more quickly and we can get some dry air in here, we might stand a chance at seeing the ISS this time around!

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