Jupiter and Mars appear 'near' the moon in the predawn sky this week

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This week, Jupiter and Mars will put on a very interesting display in our southern predawn sky from Wednesday through Friday. I always love when this happens, because we oftentimes mistake the planets as bright stars. That's how they'll appear, though!

The moon is coming out of its full phase, so the light emitted from it shouldn't be a big issue. It also sets late morning-early afternoon between Wednesday and Friday, so that won't stand in the way of us seeing this. The weather, though, might be a different story.

On Wednesday morning, Jupiter will appear closest to the moon. However, I don't think we stand a good chance of seeing this. Rain is in the forecast on Wednesday. Bummer!

Alright, so what about Thursday?

As Wednesday's rainmaker passes east, cold air on the back side of that system gives us the chance of scattered snow showers on Thursday morning. If the clouds and scattered flurries/snow can pass fast enough, we might get a glimpse of the moon 'between' the two planets.

At first glance, Friday looks like our best shot. Although high clouds will be moving in ahead of a weekend rain maker, I still think we stand a decent chance at seeing this spectacle.

It would really stink if this was going on and we couldn't see it on ANY of the three mornings. Be sure to keep checking back with our forecast, to see if we stand a chance!

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