Old Man Winter sloooowly loosens his grip on our area


After doing Christmas shopping in a t-shirt on Monday, I (like some of you) was wiping snow off my car by Friday and Saturday. As Johnny Wood said, "If you don't like the weather around here, wait five minutes. It'll change."

Does it change for us this week, though? The answer is yes, but slowly.

After Monday's 50° warmth, we're singing the same ol' wintry song and dance on Tuesday and Wednesday. While we don't expect a major winter storm, we will be tracking a 'clipper.' This will be like the system we had come through on Saturday.

These systems move quickly, pushing in some very cold air and scattered bursts of snow. The difference this time is that snow will be falling during the day.

How much snow we see depends on the scattered nature of these bursts and also if daylight can have any influence on the ground/road temperature. While some of us see no accumulation, others (mainly north and east of the Tri-Cities) can see a light accumulation.

Provided that daylight has a minimal impact on road temperatures, this could mean slick spots and more school schedule changes for Tuesday and then again Wednesday. By Wednesday, temps will be in the teens first thing in the morning. That would mean re-freezing on roads that see snow Tuesday.

Even if you don't see snow, you'll feel a wintry bite to the air. Cold air and gusty winds combine to make things feel just a little extra cold Tuesday through Wednesday morning.

Afterwards, we'll be watching for the potential for scattered snow showers later in the week. That potential, though, depends partially on a storm system to our south. If that storm system hugs the coast, it robs us of moisture and provides little-to-no chance of snow.

If that system is farther offshore, then it will not rob us of moisture. Therefore, we could see more scattered snow showers like what we'll see Tuesday.

There's a lot to keep track of on our end, so be sure to keep in touch with us on air, online, on social media and on our StormTrack 5 Mobile App.

Looking beyond, however, there are signs of a more seasonable weekend. Then, we start to look towards Christmas.

Early indications from the Climate Prediction Center show mainly seasonable temperatures and a fairly dry pattern. Of course, this is a general trend for December 18th-24th. As we get closer to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we'll have more specific information for you.

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