ONE WEEK: Spring forward in time; weather still says 'winter'

In just one week, we spring the clocks forward one hour (2 AM on Sunday, March 11). Whereas it seemed as though the weather was springing forward too in mid-to-late February, that isn't so much the case now.

A large area of high pressure, oftentimes referred to as the 'Greenland Block' is partially responsible for our current and projected cooler weather.

This is helping to guide and lock the jet stream farther south. The jet stream, an area of high winds at airplane level, essentially is a dividing line between cold and warm air. The farther south it comes, the colder it gets here.

The colder air rides in on the back side of another Nor'easter by Wednesday. With enough moisture around, this could put some of us in line for accumulating snow.

At the moment, this looks like the kind of setup that leaves more of an impact (light snow accumulation) on prone areas north and east of the Tri-Cities (Pound, Wise, Coeburn, St. Paul, Clintwood, Haysi, Belfast, Grundy, Hurley, Big A Mountain, Honaker, Rosedale, Marion, Mountain City, Butler, Hampton, Roan Mountain, Flag Pond, Sam's Gap and the NC mountains). Just how much moisture there is, though, will determine ultimately how much snow accumulates on Wednesday and perhaps Thursday too.

Nonetheless, it will be getting much colder mid-to-late week. Be sure to check for frequent updates on our website.

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