Rain to snow Friday into Friday night (12/21/18)

    Snowfall Forecast

    As the big travel weekend before Christmas kicks off, wind, cold, rain and snow will be in the forecast!

    Periods of rain are expected Friday. Localized flooding is possible, especially in flood-prone areas. Rainfall totals of 1-2" are likely through Friday night.

    The winds will pick up Friday and linger into Saturday. Colder air will rush in changing the rain to snow Friday afternoon in the mountains and Friday evening or night in the valleys (check in with News 5 for timing updates).

    At this point any accumulations look light in the valleys. The better chance of snow sticking will be above 2000 feet. The heaviest snow will be above 4000 feet.

    Stay with us for updates (we get new data to analyze every 3-6 hours).

    Travel weather will be better Saturday (but still breezy). Better still Sunday and on Christmas Eve. See some of the graphics at the top of this article for the chance of a White Christmas (in the photo gallery).

    Visit our weather page.

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