Rainy Weekends the Trend So Far in 2018

Rainy Weekends in 2018

Rain weekends are great, right? Good for naps, doing nothing and being lazy...

Okay, maybe not THIS many rainy weekends!

Check out this data. For the first 4 months of 2018, we've seen quite a lot of rain on weekends. In fact, about 50% of our entire rain for the year so far (as of April 27th) has come on weekends! We've seen 16.11" of rain so far this year, with 8.16" coming on weekends.

That's about 2.86" more rain than usual for the year by the way. We're doing alright in the rainfall department so far this season....

Here's the breakdown:

  • January: 1 out of 4 weekends wet but 2 with a trace of snow - 0.41" of rain for the month with 0.02 on Saturday the 26th and 0.39 on Sunday the 27th.
  • February: 4 out of 4 weekend wet. 0.54" on the 4th, 0.92 on the 10th and 1.42 on the 11th (this caused flooding across SW VA), 0.74 on the 17th and 0.01 on the 18th and 0.04 on the 24th and 0.34 on the 25th.
  • March: 3 out of the 4 weekends wet. 0.01 on the 10th and 0.02 on the 11th. 0.50 on the 18th and 1.25 on the 24th.
  • April: 2 out of 3 weekends so far wet. 0.21 on the 7th, 1.34" on the 15th (race day).
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