Spring Flood Potential is Very High

    Rainfall Stats 2019 Year to Date

    The National Weather Service issued the Spring Flood Potential Outlook today. Not surprisingly, the flood risk for the Tri-Cities area is above average.

    After the wettest February and wettest Winter on record in the Tri-Cities, the ground is saturated and stream flows are very high. In fact the Holston, Clinch and Powell Rivers are flowing at double to triple their normal rates.

    Reservoirs and lakes are near summertime levels or above, and dam releases have been elevated in order to move the water through the system. The amount of available flood control storage for reservoirs in the Tennessee Basin above Chattanooga is down to 42 percent.

    February 2019 was the 3rd wettest month ever recorded at the Tri-Cities Airport with data going back to October 1937 (that's 3rd wettest out of more than 970 months)!

    Wettest Months Ever at TRI

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