The good and bad of Thursday night's wet snow in the area


Widespread snow has quickly moved east, with only a few flurries left over on Friday morning.

Rain prior to snow made things tricky on the roads, especially as road crews had a much more difficult time pretreating a wet road. Take extra caution on area roadways, and be sure to check with your state's department of transportation.





With some schools delayed or closed on Friday, there is some good and bad that comes with this heavy, wet snow. It's bad for sledding and tougher to shovel. It's easier to build snowmen and easier to plow. Lastly, there may be a few isolated power outages, due to the weight of the snow on power lines.

For the latest on school schedule changes, be sure to check out the closings section of our website.

Lastly, be sure to watch your step on sidewalks as some may have turned icy in the early morning hours. You should also take it easy on bridges and overpasses, as colder air flows around them more easily. Temperatures dropping into the teens on Friday night will allow some black ice to develop in parts of the region, especially where snow has melted onto the roads.

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