TRIPLE THREAT: Three hard freezes in a row

After the single warmest February on record, March comes in with some bite to it.

Following Friday's wintry chill, the next three mornings (Saturday through Monday) will be even colder.

Temperatures drop well below freezing on Saturday and Sunday mornings, making for a hard freeze in the Tri-Cities.

This isn't necessarily a surprise. As many of you know, we fall below freezing most years well into April. The only shock factor this time around is (again) that February was so warm!

Because of February's incredible warmth, you may have noticed trees budding much quicker than 'normal.' That's something that's been ongoing throughout much of the Mid-Atlantic; not just here. These hard freezes can stunt that kind of growth, though. Be sure to cover up any plants that you want to keep around.

Most of us know not to plant until after Mother's Day, because of the map above!

Last March, we had seven consecutive hard freezes in the region by mid-month. This was enough to kill off a large majority of the peach crop in Georgia and South Carolina. This time around, that doesn't appear to be the case.

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