Use your Phone as an FM Radio

Let's face it- most of us live through our cell phones. They're our ways of communicating- listening to music and watching videos.

However, during disasters, a lot of these services can be impacted. Cell service may be degraded or internet may be unavailable.

For many years, FM radio has been a great source for information during disasters. Many cell phones come with FM chips inside of them, allowing you to listen to the radio without an internet connection. The FCC has been urging, in the interest of public safety for phone developers to turn on the FM chips inside their devices. Recently, Samsung enabled the chips in their Galaxy S9 phones. Unfortunately, the new iPhones do not have the chips in them, so this will only work on Android devices.

For a full list of devices which have FM chips enabled, click here. You'll need a pair of headphones to listen to free FM radio.

Here at WCYB, we have several radio partners we work with to keep you informed. You can hear our daily forecasts on these radio partners and severe weather coverage on some stations when we are in wall to wall tornado coverage.

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