Venus and Mercury visible shortly after sunset

Shortly after sunset for the first few weeks of March, we'll be able to see Venus and Mercury in the western sky. Venus is usually the brightest planet, so we'll have no problem seeing that low on the horizon. Mercury is a little more tricky to see. In order to spot Mercury, we can use Venus as a reference point. However, the hazy/dusty appearance of the sky shortly after sunset can still make it difficult for us to see Mercury. That's where you may need binoculars.

With a clear sky, otherwise, we should have a good view of the two planets! It'll be cold out, so you'll want to bundle up. One other good thing is that the moon, coming off its full phase, rises at 8:25 p.m. So its bright light won't get in the way of our view.

You don't have too much time to catch the pair of planets low in our western sky. About 45 minutes after sunset, Venus and Mercury will set too.

Let us know if you see this! If you have any good pictures, submit them to ChimeIn!

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